Thursday, October 28, 2010

Salute Your Shorts

Shirt: Army Barracks 
Leggings: Forever 21
Boots: Jessica Simpson
Pin: Vintage
Headband: Forever 21

Okay, disclaimer- sorry this shirt is wrinkled. If my mom saw this, I'd most definitely get quite a lecture. My excuse was that I was just too excited to iron it- I had to wear it now! I put together a trip to Salem with a bunch of friends and had a truly fantastic time. Let alone just enjoying being out of the city, I had never been surrounded by so many people in costume in one place which made me happy. I'm a sucker for anything festive and I couldn't think of a better word to describe that town. It was really cool to see such high spirits about one idea spread throughout thousands of people. ANYWAY, the point of this is that in the midst of browsing through stores straight out of Harry Potter world - why didn't I buy that 'make people do what you want potion kit'?- the most popular store for our group was actually the Army Barracks. Everyone had a blast trying on everything- and I fell in love with the shirt. The whole military craze kinda won me over and I was surprised with how well the button down fit me as typically I run into trouble on a certain button. 

Also, the pin is just an added touch. I had told my mom that I could use some accessories for my halloween costume (which is Joan Holloway) and she sent me a huge box of jewelry that blew me away. Her jewelry collection is wonderful and she's always been very generous about letting me borrow them even though I have a bad record of breaking necklaces. So look for more jewelry in the next couple (hundred) posts!

Hopefully my hiatus is over! Feels good again to put this together. 


  1. This shirt is a REAL find! I love the epaulets on the shoulder. How much did it set you back? I've been shopping for one myself, although I think I want more of a white pilot's shirt.

    And thanks for stopping by my blog.

  2. Love your blog! The military look is so in right now and I especially love it!


  3. Those boots are kind of amazing, I love this outfit!