Monday, November 1, 2010

Grey Gardens

Black Dress: Francesca's
Grey Dress: Forever 21
Tights: Macy's
Boots: Urban Outfitters
Belt: Forever 21
Nail Polish: OPI's An Affair in Red Square plus Essie's Matte About You

This is the first time I've ever layered one dress over another- and I really liked it! Layering for me can be hard- I dont typically like looking like a big puff ball. I just couldn't give up this grey dress to Summer- I really wanted to find a way to keep wearing it. So the black long-sleeved dress and different belt seemed to be the best option. And these tights! I love tights! SO MANY TIGHTS. This is probably the only reason I'm excited for the colder weather.

I wish I had a close up picture of my nails. Because they were so great that I couldn't stop staring at them for days. My roommate has that Essie polish which when you put over any other color, it'll make it matte. For some reason, the contrast between the matte and the shiny red was spectacular. Reminded me of  those old fashioned matte Christmas ornaments-

which are just awesomeness in themselves
Happy belated Halloween/early Christmas!


  1. Paige--I really like the third photo--something about the lighting in the background.

    The grey dress looks great over the black one and belted like this. Doesn't look as bulky as you'd feared.

  2. i love those tights! and that dress is soo cute. love how u have used it as a long top with the belt. very chic


  3. I'm pretty much head over heels for those tights too-- for some reason I'm reminded of Beetlejuice? It definitely adds a touch of streamlined class to the look. :) And next time, show us those nails! I really like the subdued red shiny/matte look, too. I've been looking for a good matte nail polish!

    PS: Danke for the sympathetic comment-- we all need it just as the semester is coming to a close!

    Toast with Charmalade

  4. cute outfit, love that tights

  5. I'm going to have to look into that Essie matte polish, I've seen it in a few places now and I'm very intrigued. Plus, your christmas ball analogy is the best way of describing it that I've read yet.

    I love your tights, they almost look pinstriped. Great job with the layering!

    xoxo, Ashley

  6. those tights are amazing dear !
    and i love the layering work you did too !!

    glisters and blisters