Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Joan Drape-r

Crop top- Zara
Jumpsuit: Forever 21
Necklace: Vintage
Shoes: Merrel

I had always thought about putting these two clothing items together and never committed to it. The top has become a little too crop after many washes- which means many wears, I was very much in love with it last year- and the jumpsuit is a bit difficult to walk in as the pant legs always seem to fall below by feet. Nevertheless- I love the draping of the two of them combined- draping style of the 70s seems pretty popular lately- so I put my brave face, and carefully moving feet, forward. While these shoes don't have much style to them at all, I swear to you that they are the most comfortable flip flops you will ever wear. Try them. NOW. I definitely enjoyed myself in this outfit!

I also enjoyed myself on Halloween!
I was Joan Holloway from Mad Men- a show I've recently fallen for. I just downloaded season 3 today! Here's a picture of my costume:
I got a lot more 'I love Lucy" than Joan... but hey, both women know how to get what they want. 


  1. Ha! I love the red hair.

    Have you ever tried the jumpsuit with a heeled shoe?

  2. lovely jumpsuit.xx

  3. Love it!

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  4. I do like the loose look of this outfit-- it reminds me of a model off duty kinda vibe. Very casual-chic.

    Also, major kudos on being Joan for Halloween... admittedly I've never REALLY sat down to have a Mad Men marathon and watch it all from the beginning (it's not like a comedy where you can whisk through all of them within a week, MM is heavy stuff!). But I have read/watched some clips and it's pretty compelling stuff. Plus, Joan is BA.

    Toast with Charmalade

  5. really like the maxi black skirt!!