Sunday, February 6, 2011

The Denial Twist

Coat: Goodwill
Jeans: J Crew
Boots: Jessica Simpson
Gloves: The Northface

Goodwill: the happiest place on earth. Or is that Disney World? Or the Puppy Bowl? (the obvious choice for the sports-spaceout/dog-obsessee) Anyway, there is rarely a time where I leave that establishment without a full plastic bag and a smile on my face. This past time, the plastic bag was filled with this coat! Among a sea of dingy Old Navy tshirts and grandma sweaters even my grandma wouldn't wear, I spotted a treasure. Shiver me timbers! Houndstooth! Red and Black! My Size! Exclamation points!

The my size part is a bit of a stretch. Actually, the coat could use some stretch... mostly in the arms. As you can see for yourself, the sleeves are a tad too short. Which puzzles me as the shoulders fit perfectly to my body. What type of person has arms half a foot shorter than mine?! Non-existent ones. Which leads to my eventual reasoning that the sleeves are meant to be short. Why would the company sell to people that don't even exist? See? Makes perfect sense... and with that I purchased the beautiful item for a definitely-worth-it $18. 

Houndstooth is my favorite print. Hands down. Sure, plaid is cool lately and leopard is the "newclassicorwhatever" but houndstooth has always had a soft spot in my heart. To top it off, this houndstooth is red and black. My red and black love has a more distinct beginning. And that coincides with my fandom for the White Stripes. I discovered Jack and Meg (more importantly Jack, of course) in the middle of high school and my obsession has lasted ever since. Say what you want about their music, Jack has an air about him that is irresistible. Trying to emulate some of their coolness, I found myself buying Red/White/Black clothing items more than anything else over the years. This coat will be a lovely addition to the collection. 

Oh and yes, I realize that my pointer fingers are glowing. No, they are not E.T. memorabilia, they are specially made for using touch screen items. Maybe this will make me cool enough to not feel intimidated going into the Apple Store next time. 

I leave you with this prize thanks to Google Images

Thursday, January 27, 2011

After Hours

Sweater, Tank Top and Skirt- Anthropologie
Flats- DSW
Pin- Vintage
Nail Polish- Bonita Gray with Sally Hansen Black Pen

I'm so thrilled to be back at blogging again after a few month break. My brother got me a tripod for Christmas, so I'll be able to post a lot more frequently. My goal is to post with self-taken shots every couple days and throw in photoshoot pictures around once a week. What better way to start with this awesome photoshoot? I'm such a sucker for themes. This one's pretty apparent...

What did I do last Saturday night? Hang out in the library, of course. Does that make me cool because I'm not afraid to admit it or still incredibly lame no matter how you look at it..? Please don't actually answer that. Good thing is, I was not studying (sorry Mom and Dad). The top floor is eerily cool as I discovered the one time I actually took a book out. I bought this amazing skirt and immediately wanted to venture back to take pictures.

You see, I could never pull off the sexy librarian look because I never had glasses. BUT NOW I DO. Seriously, you don't know how happy I was to find out my eyes were deteriorating. Trust me, it beats the  plastic crooked pair I used to wear  from Hot Topic when I was 13 (That with 4 pairs of rainbow toe socks...)  Love that the frames are black, and thick enough to stand out but thin enough to not reek of hipster. Reasonable cautions.

As much as I used the skirt to play up the conservative, early 70s-esque book-worm look, I think it goes beyond themes. It's beautifully made, extremely versatile color wise, and actually very comfortable. Oh, and warm. Cause apparently I live in Siberia. Fact.

Who knew I could enjoy a cowl neck so much? The Delia's catalogues would always show a cowl neck sweater named The Paige. I was resentful at 13. But perhaps it was a sign.

Enough for now. Crappy (but made with love) tripod pics to come.

Also, how great is that book title? I found it rather appealing.