Tuesday, October 12, 2010


overshirt: forever 21
tank: garnett hill
jeans: j crew
shoes: zappos
necklace: marc jacobs
nail polish: OPI funky dunkey
On the first post of my new blog, I feel this overwhelming need to explain every experience and desire that compelled me into creating this. Yet, to write it all down is just unreasonable- no one wants to read pages of my own ramblings! I’m looking out for you here. I know, I am a really thoughtful person…
A few things I do want to establish are what I want this blog to be about. I think the idea of being a Boston student is conflicting. On the one hand, Boston is a magnificent city. Fairly large, historic, attractive. The amount of people is incredible! I’m constantly being inspired- I know… cheesy, sigh. While I want to compete with every skinny jeaned-ballet shoed-croptopped girl that walks down Comm Ave, I’m pretty restricted with my budget. That’s where student comes in. Money should be spent on, uh, food… right? Balancing these two things is becoming increasingly difficult. 
Nevertheless, I love wearing clothes. Dressing is something I look forward to. My closet isn’t overflowing - well, when I decide to be neat- but I still maintain to not wear the same full outfit twice in a month (or even semester!). This blog is primarily for my own satisfaction. It feels very good to create a product such as this- sadly, my art skills are limited. Of course I’d still love others to read it. And you’re AWESOME.


  1. Ah, the life of a student. I too am afflicted by this-- it's sad when I try to rationalize expensive shoes by cutting back on buying food (to little avail, I can only hold off on nourishment for awhile). So yes, food is good.

    Also, good start to your blog! I love the lace top and shoes. And flattery's a nice ploy. :P

    Toast with Charmalade

  2. love the photoes babe! they look amazing